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Wildland Personnel

The DFPC Wildland Fire Management Section is separated into four branches: Planning, Operations, Preparedness, and Logistics (Fire Apparatus and Equipment).

Rocco Snart is the Deputy Chief of Operations for the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control, and is currently serving as the Acting Chief of the Wildland Fire Management Section. Previously he was with Jefferson County Sheriff's Office as the Fire Management Officer. Rocco has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forest Management from Colorado State University. He has been in the Fire Service for nearly 25 years as both a structural (currently with Golden Fire) and a wildland firefighter. Rocco is a lifetime student of fire and enjoys the study of fire behavior.

Vaughn Jones is the Acting Deputy Chief of Operations. As such, he has programmatic responsibility for the wildland fire field operations program, interagency coordination with federal, other state, county, and local agencies, and pre-suppression components of the State’s wildland fire management program. As Deputy Chief of Operations, Vaughn directly supervises the Area Fire Management Officers, and is the second level supervisor of the Regional Fire Management Officers and their assigned state fire engine crews positioned at various duty locations around the state.

Jane Lopez is the Deputy Chief of Wildland Fire Preparedness. Her primary responsibilities include administration of the State’s Prescribed Fire Program and the Fire Aviation Program. Jane’s duties include establishing minimum standards for the conduct of prescribed fire by state agencies and supervising the planning, implementing and participating in prescribed fire activities. Jane also serves as the Program Manager for the fire aviation program in Colorado. In this role, Jane develops the objectives, budget and agreements for the program and supervises the deployment of assigned resources.

Sergio Lopes is the Deputy Chief, Wildland Fire Equipment Logistics. His primary focus areas include oversight, direction, supervision, and management of the Federal Excess Personal Property Program (FEPP) and the Fire Equipment Shop. Sergio develops goals and objectives and prepares and manages the budget for the Fire Equipment Shop. He also supervises the Division’s mechanics specializing in maintenance and repair of military excess vehicles and the fabrication of custom wildland fire packages for the vehicles.

Area Fire Management Officers

In order to provide for the supervision and management of the Regional FMOs, to reduce span of control and increase the depth of available personnel to provide state level response and support of incidents, the state was divided into East and West, roughly along the Continental Divide. Vaughn Jones currently serves as Acting Deputy Chief of Operations Fire and Aviation Management, and is the Area FMO for Eastern Colorado. Steve Ellis oversees the West Area. In addition, Regional Fire Management Officers are assigned to specific areas of the state. They are as follows:

Colorado River Region FMO – Dave Toelle
North East Region FMO – Matt Branch
North Central Region FMO – Kirk Will
South Central Region FMO – Brenda Wasielewski 
South Region FMO – Joe LoBiondo
North West Region FMO – Sam Parsons 
San Luis Valley Region FMO – Phil Daniels
West Region FMO – Luke Odom
South West Region FMO - Ryan McCulley

Wildland Administrative Contacts

Drew Kimble

Administrative Assistant


Renee Creek  

Wildland Fire Billing Specialist    


Erin Claussen  

Incident Finance Manager 


Janell Ray

Incident Business Specialist


Joan Johnson 

Fire Billing Specialist     


Terrie Craven

Division Fiscal Manager