Current School Construction 
and Inspection Fees 
Health Facility Fee Calculator is located on Health Facility page 


 Half of the fees must be submitted prior to commencement of plan review and the remaining half must be submitted prior to permit issuance. Inspections shall not be scheduled or performed until the required fee has been paid.


Note: If you are having difficulty using this calculator, first open it up and click on File (in the upper left corner,then download it using Microsoft EXCEL.  

You may also call 303-239-4100, for assistance with calculating the permit fee.

Other Public School Fees

  • Portable/Modular Fees per site: $950.00 for the first unit, each additional portable/modular is $120.00, up to 10 units.
  • Re-Roof: Use fee schedule, $950.00 minimum.
  • Lost inspection card fee is $100.00.
  • Fire Code review fees are equal to the project valuation cost multiplied by a factor of $0.00064, with a minimum fee of $350.00.
  • Public School Fire alarm system replacements use Public School Construction fee schedule, with a minimum fee of $900.00.

When both Building and Fire Code Reviews  are performed by DFPC the fees will equal the sum of both the building review and the fire review fees.

Invoice is sent when project is submitted. All fees must be paid at the time of permit issuance. 

The Division may assess a $400 re-inspection fee for each inspection or re-inspection, when such portion of work for which the inspection is called is not completed, or when corrections previously called for are not made.

Boiler/Chiller/Furnace/Domestic H2O Units Only: Use fee schedule above, $950.00 minimum.

Building Code Plan Review and Inspection Fees

 Total Valuation     Fee

 $2,001 to $25,000 $150 to $750
 $25,001 to $50,000 $750 to $1,250
 $50,001 to $100,000 $1,250 to $1,900
 $100,001 to $500,000 $1,900 to $4,700
 $500,001 to $1,000,000 $4,700 to $7,700
 $1,000,001 to $2,000,000 $7,700 to $10,700
 $2,000,001 to $4,000,000 $10,700 to $14,700
 $4,000,001 to $16,000,000 $14,700 to $26,700
 $16,000,000 to $26,700 to

Maintenance inspection fees:

0 – 150 Students, $150.00
151 – 300 Students, $300.00
301 – 450 Students, $450.00
451 or more Students, $600.00

Student enrollment counts for maintenance inspection fees shall be based upon the current pupil membership data published at the time of the inspection by the Colorado Department of Education. Maintenance inspection fees are charged per address. Total student counts are considered for consolidated schools located at one address.

Important information:

Please submit a separate check for each project. 

Please enter the project valuation into the Fee Calculator and print. 

Submit a copy of the fee calculator with the required fees when submitting your payment.