Display Operator

Display Operator - All Applicants

This application is for Display Operators and includes lead shooters of outdoor displays. Please download all three forms below. Refer to the Procedures letter for complete instructions on applying for certification. In addition to the completed, signed application you must also supply the following documentation:

  • completed notarized affidavit of legal residency
  • copy of current drivers license
  • current proof of safety training or Pyrotechnics Guild International Certificate
  • payment of $50 (either check, money order, or credit card payment)
  • documentation of appropriate number of shows on application
  • current email address listed on application
  • CBI background check (sent directly to CBI with appropriate payment; form is below)
  • If a new applicant, must pass exam given through Division of Fire Prevention & Control

All new applicants are required to have actively participated in at least five (5) performances and successfully pass a general knowledge examination. The license is valid from the time of issue and good for three (3) years. Renewal of the certification shall be granted to an operator without the need to retest, provided: (a) they are in good standing with the Division; and (b) they have actively participated in at least two firework displays during the past year.

Procedures Letter (currently unavailable) 

CBI Arrest Records Application

Display Operator Application