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Fireworks Regulatory Program

The Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control has a new website! Please visit us at our new website by clicking HERE 

Rules and Statutes 

Applications and Procedures

Please read and understand all of the Statutes and Rules regarding fireworks before applying for a license. For assistance with finding fire department jurisdictions, please refer to the Fire Department Lists and Information web page. One can search by town or county to obtain fire department contact information to verify areas of jurisdiction.

Each application must be printed and completed legibly; it does not have to be type written. You may either then mail or hand-deliver the application, the required fee and any required documentation to the address listed on the application.

Failure to complete the form in its entirety or omitting the required documentation may result in a delay or rejection of your license/certification. You will be notified by email regarding missing or incomplete documentation so please provide a current email address.

Each of the licenses, certifications or permits requires the application to be filed with the Division of Fire Prevention & Control at least thirty days before the start of activities for which the license is required.

Select the particular type of application for which you have an interest from the list below:

 All fireworks applications must accompany a notarized Affidavit of Legal Residency which can be downloaded and printed from the given link.

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Retailer of Fireworks License


Display Retailer of Fireworks License


Wholesaler of Fireworks License


Exporter of Fireworks License


Fireworks Display Operator Certification


Pyrotechnic Operator Certification


Fireworks Display Permit


*This is the maximum fee. The fee for a Fireworks Display Permit shall be ten percent (10%) of the total cost of the display, up to a maximum of $500.00. 

For more information, please contact Rob Geislinger, 303-239-4101